High Scope Curriculum

The High Scope model has undergone extensive research validation. This model is based on the principle that children learn best through hands-on experience with people, materials, events, and ideas.

The curriculum emphasizes adult-child interaction, a carefully designed learning environment and a plan-and-review teaching/learning process. (Published by the High-Scope Educational Research Foundation, www.highscope.org ) Below are research documents and links to High Scope resources.


Research on Effects and classroom processes
Gavin Haque; High Scope Educational Research Foundation
This brief article discusses the characteristics of a High Scope program and program effectiveness with target populations. Cost and training is also reviewed.

Commentary and analysis

Early Years Education: Major Themes in Education
By Rod Parker-Rees, Jenny Willan
The book includes the paper, The High/Scope Preschool Curriculum Comparison Study through age 23 in Part 2 and in Part 3 reviews large scale studies, including High/Scope, that identify factors in early childhood education which could explain differences in later measures of development.

The Economics of Early Educational Intervention: A Review
W. Steven Barnett and Colette M. Escobar
This paper critically reviews the existing literature to assess the strength of the empirical evidence regarding the economics of early intervention.

Early Years Education: Perspectives from a Review of the International Literature
Dr Christine Stephen, Institute of Education, University of Stirling
This international review sets out to address three key questions: What kind of educational experiences are offered in early childhood and what evidence is there of the impact of early years education? Is early years education a distinct phase in the education system? How are decisions made about when children should have particular educational experiences? The review discusses High/Scope, among others, as an alternative approach to curriculum.

Field contributions

The High/Scope Curriculum Discussion Board
Find reviews, lesson plans and more on this discussion board.

Lesson plans

High/Scope Sample Daily Lesson Plan
Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, Bright from the Start posts a High/Scope sample daily lesson plan that can be printed from the web

Additional resources and links

Supporting Young Learners: Ideas for Preschool and Day Care Providers
By Brickman, Nancy Altman, Ed.; Taylor, Lynn Spencer, Ed.

This book is comprised of a collection of articles from the High/Scope Curriculum newsletter “Extensions.” The newsletters purpose is to inform curriculum users about new developments relating to the High/Scope "open framework" curriculum. The articles are presented in seven chapters: "Supporting Active Learning,” "Key Experiences for Child Development,” "The Daily Routine," "Environments for Active Learning," "The Team Process: Child Observation, Team Planning, Assessment," "Reaching Out to Other Settings and Caregivers," and “Questions from the Field.” The actual text of the book is available online.